About us

Seitz Kreuznach GmbH is a retail company based in Bad Kreuznach, Germany. In our headquarters in Planiger Str. 34 Building 16, we do not only operate a local shop but also store all offered articles from the fields of writing utensils, knives and household goods, drugstore and barber products as well as delicatessen, toys and home decoration. As and international mail order company, we offer our products through a variety of online sales platforms in all countries of the Western world. In addition, we also present parts of our range with mobile and temporary sales at fairs and markets.
All parts of the order processing, from order acquisition to packaging up to the dispatch, are carried out in our own warehouse on site. Thus, our own storage enables us to ensure a product availability of more than 99%, wich is reflected in our customers' short delivery times. With our new premises in Planiger Str. 34, we, as a medium-sized commercial company, are also able to handle a capacity of up to 1,000 shipments per day.

Our market presence

Departing from our registered company name „Seitz Kreuznach GmbH", the trademark "Seitz-Kreuznach" is used in Germany as a brand name for our own product line, as a user name on trading platforms and as a shop name. In the same way, we are making an international appearance with the trademark "Seitz-Global". The latter has mainly phonetic reasons to meet the demands of English-speaking markets. Both "Seitz-Kreuznach" and "Seitz-Global" are exclusively trademarks. In all cases, the company Seitz Kreuznach GmbH is the contractual partner, presented by the managing associate Dipl.-Holzwirt Georg Seitz. "Seitz-Kreuznach" and "Seitz-Global are legally protected trademarks of Georg Seitz.